Success at MCERTS

CODEL International has recently obtained MCERTS Certification for the DCEM 2001 Opacity monitor and VCEM 5100 flow monitor. Both analysers were tested by TUV Rhineland at sites operating under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive; they are both certified by MCERTS and TUV under EN 15267 QAL1 for use on all EU IED processes. The DCEM […]

Upcoming release of EnergyTech Range

CODEL are soon to release a new range of combustion efficiency & safety analysers called EnergyTech. The new EnergyTech series will show CODEL’s extensive and diverse range of analysers manufactured for process control. The EnergyTech 100 and 200 series will be released later this year. For more information regarding the upcoming EnergyTech rnage please contact […]

TunnelTech range released

The new TunnelTech range is released to market with four new flagship extractive analysers included. The very successful TunnelMaster and TunnelCraft brands were 20 years old and the decision was made to supersede them with TunnelTech; the release was timed to coincide with the release of the 400 series of extractive tunnel monitors. The new […]

Port of Miami tunnel commissioned

The Port of Miami tunnel, is a highly complex project which connects the MacArthur causeway to Dodge Island and provides a second entrance to the port. CODEL Inc. won an order consisting of eight TunnelCraft NO2 analysers and eight TunnelCraft CO, NO and Visibility monitors. The picture shows CODEL engineer Gareth Ferguson with happy tunnel […]

DigiBlend 128 is released

This is a new development for CODEL, a 128 step gas divider for use by laboratories or audit gas producers. The unique feature of this new gas blender is that does not require costly calibration by external laboratories. It is controlled via an on-board PC which enables the user to set up and control mixtures […]

DCEMs for the Philippines

Argent Ventures have supplied DCEM 2100’s to Global Business Power a major power generator in the Philippines. The units are destined for the power plant in Toledo. Argent Ventures won this order because the DCEM 2100 can deliver both Opacity and mass concentration (mg/m3) output simultaneously thus halving the number of dust monitors required.

Two new tunnel products

We have just released two new tunnel monitors, the TunnelCraft Luminance and TunnelCraft Illuminance. These are vital to controlling tunnel lighting systems and play a vital role in driver safety and in reducing tunnel energy costs.

Birmingham (UK) tunnel contract

CODEL received an order for six Tunnel Craft CO/Vis, six NO2 and four Air flow monitors for the Queensway tunnel and four CO/VIS and four NO2 for St.Chads tunnel from P+D Specialist Services plus the installation and commissioning of the equipment. This part of the upgrading of the main A38 road through England’s second city.