Power stations

One of the main hazards in a power station is a fire in a coal rich environment; the latter can often become an explosion with consequential damage to human life and capital equipment. The CODEL EnergyTech 200 is designed for use on:

The EnergyTech 200 samples the gas from the critical area through a steel sintered filter

  • Coal silos
  • Coal mills
  • Coal bunkers
  • Grinding plants
  • Coal bag houses
  • Coal conveyors

mounted in the wall of the chamber. This removes the need for intrusive sampling probes which are prone to wear and are expensive to replace. The filter is back flushed with compressed air at regular intervals to ensure an uninterrupted flow of sample gas and to minimise maintenance.

The sampled gas requires no further pre-conditioning and is carried via a sample line and air pump to the measurement chamber which is equipped with an electro-chemical CO gas sensor. The system includes the facility to check zero and span drift manually against bottled audit gases.

The EnergyTech 101 offers a rapid response to build-up of CO which is a precursor to fires or mill explosions. It provides a low cost of ownership and high confidence compared with other systems that use multi-channel monitoring.

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Oil rigs

The worse event that can befall on off shore oil rig is fire. The Model 125 is a smoke monitor designed to operate in hazardous areas, especially in oil rig air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The electronics are contained in an explosion proof container rated as EEX de II B T5; the sensing head uses fibre optic cables to transmit the near infra-red light to a reflector where it is returned to another fibre optic cable. The light level is then monitored by a photo-electric cell. The Model 125 gives an output in opacity which is transmitted to the rig safety systems.

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