Combustion Efficiency

Combustion efficiency is of major importance on small boiler plants and the best way to monitor this is by monitoring CO2 emissions. CODEL offer the Model 1010 Cross-Duct CO monitor. Using Infra-red Gas Filter Correlation technology to filter out interferences such as dust and other gases. The Model 1010 has low maintenance requirements and meets the needs of most boiler applications

In addition to small boilers the Model 1010 is also used on Animal carcass incinerators and Crematoriums.


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Opacity and dust monitoring

There is a requirement for many small boiler operators to monitor Opacity to determine the smoke density emitted from the boiler. On small boilers we recommend the DCEM 1001 Opacity monitor; this simple, low cost monitor   has high efficiency air purges use compressed air to ensure that optical surfaces are virtually free of dust or debris contamination. This ensures minimal maintenance is required on the sensors.

The DCEM 1001 can be calibrated for Opacity off-line using our neutral density filter kit. If calibration is required in mg/m3 then a Standard Reference Method calibration check must be carried out by an approved test house.

The DCEM 1001 may also be used on diesel engine sets, waste oil burners, Al/Mg smelters, papers mills etc.

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Dust Collectors

Most industrial processes have dust collectors of some form or other, the most popular being filter bag houses. Very few of these are covered by regulation other than to have a broken bag detector to prevent nuisance dusts escaping and creating a local nuisance. The CODEL StakGard is a low cost Tribo-electric monitor that directly measures mass particulate concentration by sensing the
frictional charge created when particles collide with a conductor. The advanced electronics of the StakGard detect this signal and present it to the operator via a unique modulating LED display.

Easy to install and maintain, the StakGard is suitable for ducts up to 2 metres in diameter and is suitable for types of dust collector.

If a calibrated reading in mg/m3 is required please refer to the DCEM 1001 above.

There is a particular problem of CO build up on Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) which can lead to an explosion in the ESP. The CODEL Model 1010 can monitor CO levels in ESP’s and give an alarm when levels reach a critical point.




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