The CODEL SO2 & CO2 monitor has been designed & manufactured specifically for the marine industry. This robust sensor has major advantages over existing analysers which typically require extensive and elaborate maintenance. making them totally unsuitable for this arduous application.

  • Small compact design for minimal installation requirements
  • Integrated probe optical surface heating to protect against acid errosion
  • Integrated purge pump removes the requirement for external compressed air supplies
  • Combined CO2 / SO2 measurements for eas of %s calculations
  • Integrated data logging via RS485 Modbus
  • Real-time flue gas temperature measurements for high accuracy of contentration calculations



Gas Species Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity (RH), Pressure, Temp
Measuring units ppm
Accuracy +/-2ppm (SO2), +/-0.2% (CO2)
Linearity ± 2ppm or ± -2% of span whichever is greater (SO2)
± 2ppm or ± -0.2% of span whichever is greater (CO2)
Repeatability ± 2ppm or ± -2% of span whichever is greater (SO2)
± 2ppm or ± -0.2% of span whichever is greater (CO2)
Measurement Technique UV Spectroscopy
Ambient Temperature -20 to +50°C
Power supply 75W @ 24VDC
Construction Structure powder coated aluminium sealed to IP66
Serial Data Bi-directional RS485 Modbus

Lang Filetype Document Size
English Marine SO2/CO2 Datasheet 400kb

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