The GCEM4100 is a hot extractive analyser for difficult flue gas monitoring applications. It uses infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure up to seven pollutant species in a single self-contained unit.

Many conventional extractive systems require the sampled gas to be cleaned and dried to a very high standard prior to analysis, invariably resulting in high maintenance costs. Such elaborate pre-conditioning is not required by the GCEM4100. Process gases are continuously drawn through a fine filtered probe installed in the flue gas and transported to the measurement chamber via a heated sample line – without further conditioning.

Key Features

    • Up to seven gas species
    • ppm, mg/m3 (measured) and mg/Nm3 (normalised)
    • CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCL, CH4 & H2O
    • Analogue and serial digital output
  • Real-time normalisation for STP and H2O
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Gas Species Options Maximum 7 gases from: CO | NO | NO2 |NOx | N2O | SO2 | HCl | CH4 and CO2. Gas temperature pressure and H2O for data normalisation are standard.
Measuring units ppm | mg/Nm³ | mg/m³ | %
Response Time Less than 200 Seconds (T90)- MCERTS Specification
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Power supply 48V DC from CEMS Control Panel
Construction Corrosion resistant epoxy coated aluminium housing sealed to IP66
Analogue outputs 4-20mA current outputs for each gas channel supplied isolated. 500O load max  fully configurable from software.
Logic Outputs up to 8 x volt-free SPCO contacts  50V 1A max. Configurable as alarm contacts | 1 x volt-free SPCO contact 50V 1A max for data valid signal
Serial Data RS232
Lang Filetype Document Size
English GCEM 4100 Datasheet 400kb

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