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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Approved

CODEL were first certified to the ISO9000 standard in October 1996 and were in fact the first manufacturer of emission monitoring equipment in England to achieve this certification.

Our quality management system is assessed for design, manufacture, supply, service and repair of emission monitoring equipment and complies with the current standards of ISO9001:2015

A copy of our current UK ISO certificates can be downloaded below:

ISO 9001-2015 14001-2015 (588 downloads)

CODEL Quality Policy


  1. We at Codel are committed to pursue market leadership in our chosen field of emission monitoring. We strive to increase our presence in the international market by promoting a positive culture with open communication, team work and continuous training and development.
  2. We learn from our customers and treat customer feedback as an opportunity for improvement, which is a vital aspect of our growth and development plan.
  3. We recognise innovative product development as a driving force for the company.
  4. We are dedicated to providing excellent and reliable product quality and services to our customers by ensuring an effective and efficient response from Sales, manufacturing and after sales support.
  5. Codel is committed to maintaining and continually improving its Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2008 through regular periodic reviews.

To contact CODEL quality department please click here.

Anti Counterfeiting Notice

Incorporated in 1982, CODEL International Limited is the owner of the trademark “CODEL” in relation to instrumentation goods such as continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for industrial emissions and road tunnel environments, etc. Over the years, the brand CODEL has built trust and technological advancement for our customers. It has recently come to our attention that unofficial /counterfeit equipments including tunnel sensors and CEMS products have been found in the China market bearing the CODEL name  or are branded as Mandrake-Codel or Codel Technology and such spurious products are also being distributed to other parts of the world.  We believe they have been produced and placed by Mandrake Environmental Technologies Ltd, using their own components from unverified sources. While we are taking appropriate legal measures, this notice has been issued in the interest of our customers/distributors. These products are not made by using CODEL components and are not made as per CODEL design, CODEL bears no responsibility for the purchase of any such products. CODEL disclaims any liability or damages that may arise from the use of such counterfeit products. If you come across such a misleading usage in your country, please send an email to:

成立于1982年的英国CODEL 国际公司(CODEL International Limited)是“CODEL”商标的所有者,范围涉及工业烟气排放连续监测系统(CEMS)和公路隧道环境设备等仪器仪表类产品。CODEL的品牌历经多年,建立了客户的信任和技术先进性。最近, 我们注意到中国市场上出现了带有CODEL名字、Mandrake-CODEL、CODEL Technology的伪造产品, 其中涉及CEMS系统设备和公路隧道传感器,类似假冒产品也流入其它国家。我们相信这类产品是通过北京曼德克环境科技有限公司利用未知来源的器件生产并提供给客户。在我们采取法律措施的同时,我们也通知了相关的客户和分销商。这些产品既不是使用CODEL的器件制造,也不是按照CODEL的设计而生产, CODEL对购买的此类产品不承担任何的责任,CODEL对使用伪造产品而产生的后果也不承担任何的责任。如果您被误导而接触到类似的产品, 请写邮件到

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