The TunnelTech 102 Cold Smoke Monitor (CSM), is an essential part of any road (or rail) tunnel safety system, the CODEL CSM detects smoke from a fire to rapidly warn the operator of the hazard.
Secondly, used in combination with other TunnelTech 101 VIS monitors, the operator can quickly detect the focus of the fire if it is also equipped with the optional PT 101 temperature sensor to accurately measure ambient air temperature in a range of -15 to 1050C.

Key Features

  • Cold smoke detector for early detection of fires in road and rail tunnels
  • Optional, integral ambient temperature measurement for locating fires
  • Stainless steel enclosures to resist attack from aggressive atmosphere
  • Accurate optical attenuation technology
  • Optional Modbus RTU serial outputs


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Gas Species Options Visibility
Measuring units K factor(M-1) or metres
Measurement Range 0.020 – 0.070m-1
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Power supply 24V DC
Construction Aluminium enclosures
Analogue outputs 1 x 4-20mA isolated current output, 500Ω maximum load, fully configurable
through TunnelMaster software.
Relay Outputs 1 x volt-free SPCO contacts, 50V, 1A maximum load, configurable as alarm contacts
Serial Data RS485 – Modbus RTU
Lang Filetype Document Size
English TunnelTech 102 Datasheet 400kb

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