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The purpose of dust burst bag detection

The purpose of dust burst bag detection systems is integral to ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of baghouse filters, which are crucial for minimizing dust emissions and adhering to stringent environmental regulations. By promptly identifying and addressing bag failures such as ruptures or leaks, these systems not only maintain a clean and safe working environment but also protect equipment and mitigate potential hazards associated with dust leakage. Consequently, dust burst bag detection systems play a vital role in safeguarding both environmental integrity and workplace health.

Baghouse Filter System

Baghouse filter systems utilize a series of fabric bags to capture dust particles while allowing clean gas to pass through, making them indispensable in various applications across industries such as manufacturing, power generation, and dust collection systems.

Dust Burst Bag Detection

Dust burst bag detection systems are specifically designed to continuously monitor and detect any breaches in the filter bags. Their primary goal is to promptly identify instances where a bag fails or develops a hole, allowing dust to escape into the clean gas stream.


Alarm and Alert Systems

When a dust burst or leakage is detected, the dust burst bag detection system triggers an alarm or alert. These alerts can be visual, audible, or transmitted to a control room or monitoring system, ensuring that operators are promptly notified of any issues.

Maintenance and Remedial Actions

Upon receiving an alert, operators can take immediate remedial actions to address the detected dust burst. This may involve inspecting and repairing the affected bag, replacing it with a new one, or conducting maintenance on the baghouse system to prevent further leaks and ensure continuous operation. Regular maintenance and proactive management are essential to optimizing the performance and longevity of baghouse filter systems in industrial settings.

Suitable Products

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost tribo electric dust monitor using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.


A single-pass optical device which uses visible light to measure the opacity and dust within the flue gas.

Opacity / Dust

The DCEM2100 is a dual-pass transmissometer configured for the continuous measurement of opacity and dust concentration in flue gases.

Opacity / Dust

CODEL’s unique flow monitors measure the velocity of stack gases using a highly accurate time of flight measurement that is derived from a cross correlation analysis of the infra-red emissions of the turbulent gas.

Gas Flow

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