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The purpose of dust burst bag detection is to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of baghouse filters, minimize dust emissions, and maintain compliance with environmental regulations. By promptly identifying and addressing bag failures, dust burst bag detection systems help maintain a clean and safe working environment, protect equipment, and prevent potential hazards associated with dust leakage.

Baghouse Filter System

Baghouse filters consist of a series of fabric bags that capture dust particles while allowing clean gas to pass through. These filters are used in various applications, including industrial processes, power plants, and dust collection systems.

Dust Burst Bag Detection

Systems are designed to monitor and detect any rupture, tears, or leaks in the filter bags. The goal is to identify when a bag fails or develops a hole, allowing dust to escape into the clean gas stream.

Alarm and Alert Systems

When a dust burst or leakage is detected, the dust burst bag detection system triggers an alarm or alert to notify operators or control systems. The alarm can be visual, audible, or transmitted to a control room or monitoring system.

Maintenance and Remedial Actions

Upon receiving an alert, operators can take immediate actions to address the detected dust burst. This may involve inspecting and repairing the affected bag, replacing it with a new one, or performing maintenance on the baghouse system to prevent further leaks.

Suitable Products

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost tribo electric dust monitor using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.


A single-pass optical device which uses visible light to measure the opacity and dust within the flue gas.

Opacity / Dust

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