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CO (carbon monoxide) monitoring in coal mills is crucial for detecting and preventing the build up of this toxic gas. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion and can be present in coal mill systems, posing a serious health and safety risk. 

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous CO monitoring is essential to provide real-time data on CO concentrations in the coal mill system. This enables prompt detection of elevated CO levels and immediate action to mitigate the risk of explosion or harmful exposure to personnel.

Alarm and Alert Systems

Monitoring CO levels in coal mills are typically integrated with alarm and alert systems. When CO concentrations reach or exceed pre-set thresholds, audible and visual alarms are triggered to alert operators, enabling them to take appropriate actions and initiate emergency protocols.

Data Logging and Reporting

This allows for the collection and analysis of historical CO data, identification of trends or patterns, and generation of reports for compliance purposes or performance evaluation of the coal mill system.

Suitable Products

Early detection of fires in coal pulverising mills is essential to avoid catastrophic damage to plant and to avert the threat of injury to personnel


As an alternative to the EC CELL EnergyTech 201 analyser, the EnergyTech 202 utilises an infrared optical bench for the measurement of CO.


The EnergyTech 203 utilises the same infrared optical bench as the EnegyTech 202 but includes a Zircona based oxygen measurement.

CO & O2

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