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The Benefits of Coal Mill Monitoring

Coal mill monitoring is essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of coal mills. Monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) levels is particularly important as it helps detect and prevent the buildup of this toxic gas, which can pose serious health and safety risks. Continuous CO monitoring provides real-time data on CO concentrations, enabling prompt detection of elevated levels and immediate action to mitigate the risk of explosion or harmful exposure to personnel. Additionally, monitoring helps maintain compliance with environmental regulations by controlling emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This not only protects public health but also minimizes the environmental impact of coal-fired power plants. Effective coal mill monitoring contributes to operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and prevents costly damage to equipment, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy production.

Why Choose CODEL's Products for Coal Mill Monitoring?

CODEL’s products for coal mill monitoring offer advanced technology and reliable performance to meet the stringent demands of coal-fired power plants. With continuous CO monitoring, CODEL’s systems provide real-time data on gas concentrations, allowing for immediate detection of potential hazards and enabling swift corrective actions. CODEL’s monitoring solutions are equipped with alarm and alert systems to notify operators of any anomalies, ensuring a safe working environment and preventing dangerous situations. The data logging and reporting capabilities of CODEL’s products facilitate comprehensive analysis and compliance with regulatory requirements, providing valuable insights into operational efficiency and emissions control. CODEL’s products are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, offering a cost-effective solution for coal mill monitoring. By choosing CODEL’s monitoring systems, operators can ensure the highest standards of safety, environmental compliance, and operational excellence in coal mill operations.

Suitable Products

Early detection of fires in coal pulverising mills is essential to avoid catastrophic damage to plant and to avert the threat of injury to personnel


As an alternative to the EC CELL EnergyTech 201 analyser, the EnergyTech 202 utilises an infrared optical bench for the measurement of CO.


The EnergyTech 203 utilises the same infrared optical bench as the EnegyTech 202 but includes a Zircona based oxygen measurement.

CO & O2

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