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Power Generation

Dust collectors are employed in power plants, particularly those utilising coal or biomass, to capture and remove fly ash and other combustion byproducts. This helps control air pollution and comply with emissions regulations.


Dust collectors are essential in woodworking shops, sawmills, and furniture manufacturing facilities to capture wood dust generated by cutting, sanding, and shaping operations. Wood dust can pose fire hazards and respiratory health risks.

Mining and Quarrying

Mining and quarrying operations employ dust collectors to control dust emissions from crushing, screening, and material handling activities. They help mitigate the health risks associated with exposure to respirable particles.

Cement and Concrete Production

Dust collectors are essential in cement plants and concrete production facilities to control and collect fine dust particles generated during the production, handling, and mixing of cement and aggregates.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling plants and waste management facilities capture dust and airborne particles generated during sorting, shredding, and processing of various materials.

Suitable Products

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost tribo electric dust monitor using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.


A single-pass optical device which uses visible light to measure the opacity and dust within the flue gas.

Opacity / Dust

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