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CODEL’s range of gas analysers, dust monitors and flow monitors offers a complete CEMS solution to stack emission monitoring. All designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of pollutants emitted from industrial stacks. We offer a range of state-of-the-art CEMS stack emissions monitors to help you effectively monitor and manage your stack emissions. Our product portfolio includes advanced gas analysers, particulate matter monitors, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), and flow monitors.

Stack Emission Monitors

CODEL’s range of dust monitors, particulate and opacity monitors are installed on a variety of applications. From burst bag detection, monitoring of small boilers through to large combustion plant processes our dust monitors have a proven track record throughout the world.

CODEL’s range of stack emissions gas monitors are suitable for a wide variety of processes offering measurements of CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL and H2O. Our multi-channel stack emission monitors operate as fully integrated and automated CEMs systems or as stand-alone process control gas monitors.

The CODEL flow monitor utilises a correlation technique to provide a direct measurement with no contact with the flue gas. These ultra-reliable sensors require zero maintenance and operate at gas temperatures up to 1000°C are available as either a stand-alone monitor or as part of a fully integrated emission monitoring system.

Where can CODEL's Stack Emission Monitors be Implemented?

Stack emission monitors are essential for a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, including industrial manufacturing sites, chemical manufacturing facilities, power plants, recycling plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, mining operations, cement plants, dust collection systems, waste management facilities, crematoriums and many more industries. These monitors ensure that emissions are accurately measured and controlled across various applications, helping to maintain compliance with environmental regulations and protect public health.

Why Choose CODEL's Stack Emission Monitors?

Choosing CODEL’s stack emission monitors ensures high levels of accuracy and reliability in measuring pollutants emitted from industrial stacks. Our comprehensive range of analysers, particulate matter monitors, and flow monitors are designed to meet the high demands of modern industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, CODEL provides robust and precise monitoring solutions that help industries comply with environmental regulations, enhance operational efficiency, and protect public health. Our advanced Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) offer real-time data acquisition and control, ensuring you have the insights needed to manage and reduce emissions effectively. Trust CODEL for dependable performance and cutting-edge technology in stack emission monitoring.

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