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CODEL’s range of dust monitors, particulate and opacity monitors are installed on a variety of applications. From burst bag detection, monitoring of small boilers through to large combustion plant processes our dust analysers have a proven track record throughout the world.

A single-pass optical device which uses visible light to measure the opacity and dust within the flue gas

Dust / Opacity

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost tribo electric dust monitor using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.


Other Process Control Monitors

CEMS Flow Stack Emission Monitors analyser
EnergyTech 601 - Flue Gas Monitor

The EnergyTech 601/602 represents the latest generation of CODEL’s unique flow monitors

Tribo-electric process CEMS Dust Monitors
EnergyTech 301 - Tribo Electric Dust Monitor

Perfect for burst bag detection, providing accurate and rapid results.

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