Why Measure Flue Gas Velocity?

Many industrial processes release flue gases to the atmosphere. Under European Directives the majority of those are classed as emission sources and therefore require continuous emission monitoring. European standards for monitoring pollutants and flow for CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems) are already in place and other countries usually follow them to some extent. The CODEL […]

EnergyTech Range

The EnergyTech range is a series of gas and particulate analysers focused on power generation process, safety and efficiency. The EnergyTech 101 is a low cost optical dust/smoke monitor, the 301 is a new tribo-electric dust monitor that can be used in indicative and calibrated modes. The EnergyTech 200 series is a new range of […]

What are the Challenges in Raw Gas Measurement?

Any measurement location is unique! Here at CODEL we treat each point as an individual location, as even to relocate just one meter downstream can change the process parameters sufficiently to require a different solution. In order to select a solution for a particular measuring point we need to know all the system parameters for […]

Which type of Dust Monitor do I need, Optical or Triboelectric?

Smoke and dust are both known as particulate matter (PM).  PM can be measured via a number of different techniques, including Opacity and Triboelectric effect. Opacity is a measure of light attenuated as it crosses the stack. A proportion of the light is lost through scattering, absorption and reflection by the PM in the stack. […]

CODEL Conference 2019 Survey Results

It’s now a couple of months since the CODEL 2019 Conference which we all felt went very well but we also wanted to know how our distributors felt so we sent out a follow-up questionnaire to all who attended. You can view the results here.  

Getting the Design Right for a Reliable CO Mill Fire Monitoring System

Potential coal fires and coal-induced explosions in a coal handling system pose serious safety concerns for any industry that is using pulverized coal. Spontaneous combustion of coal in a coal handling system (coal conveyors, coal mills, coal silos, coal bunkers) has long been recognized as a fire hazard. Coal fires usually start in hotspots when […]

The Requirement for SCR & SNCR

For decades coal has been the fuel of choice for most power stations around the world but also happens to be the most pollutant. The environmental regulation in Europe, China and India has stringent emission limits which coal fired power stations are finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to comply with and are therefore employing […]

TunnelTech 305 Series – Wind Tunnel Test

CODEL International’s new TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor designed exclusively for road and rail tunnel applications builds on years of experience and proven technology. The TunnelTech 305 not only monitors the air flow measurement inside the tunnel it also monitors the direction of the air flow and temperature. This ensures that the tunnel ventilation system […]

GCEM40 Robust, Real-Time In-Situ Analyser – Hot-Wet Raw Gas Measurement for Forward Feed Control

Varying fuel composition in Biomass and Energy from Waste processes makes it difficult to predict the amount of sorbent feed required to effectively neutralise acid and hazardous process gas generated from partial and complete combustion.  Over-dosing means excessive use of expense sorbent material like sodium bicarbonate, whilst under-use may result in breach of emissions limits. […]

Tips on Installing a Tribo-Electric Dust Monitor

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the position to install a sensor unit. These are listed below, in order of importance: Are there any legal safety constraints that might restricts its location? For indicative monitors this is unlikely, but it is worth checking. The probe must protrude more than halfway into […]