Dust Monitoring – Choosing the Right Technology

There are several technologies available to monitor dust emitted from collectors. The traditional ones are based on optical systems. However, sensitivity limitations of optical systems have produced an increased use in tribo-electric probes in modern plant. Opacity Monitors These instruments must be used when the required measurement is opacity and are the preferred option for […]

Air Flow Monitors in Tunnels

In most tunnels there are ventilation systems installed of which there are three main types: Longitudinal ventilation Cross ventilation Longitudinal & Cross ventilation   Depending on the conditions and the situations encountered in a tunnel, different air speeds and direction are applied and validated by the anemometer. The measurement of the anemometer is then used […]

Monitoring Emissions from Dust Collectors

Continuous Dust Monitor Various instruments are available using different technologies to continuously monitor the emissions from a stack. Some instruments are sensitive enough to detect pin-hole leaks and have an alarm contact to activate an annunciator or a flashing alarm light at a set-point, when leaks occur. Other advanced instruments also have an output to […]

How well are you controlling your NO2 in your Road Tunnel?

NO2 Control in Road Tunnels The need to minimise NO2 exposure in road tunnels has been inhibited by the lack of suitable, low-maintenance sensors for measuring ppb levels of NO2. Recent improvements in technology have resulted in the introduction of not one but two competing techniques designed specifically for this application, making the possible control […]

New all-in-one electrochemical cell tunnel sensors

CODEL are pleased to announce two new tunnel cost effective sensors to the already exceptional range of road and rail tunnel monitors on offer. The TunnelTech 500 and 700 are have been designed from the ground up using our already vast experience and knowledge of tunnel monitoring and applying it with the very latest in […]

New North America Distributor – Monitoring Solutions

    CODEL are extremely happy to announce Monitoring Solutions as our new distributor for the North American CEMS and Tunnel Market and welcome them to CODEL’s prestige distributor network. Monitoring Solutions have over 30 years’ experience in the CEMS market, providing environmental monitoring solutions throughout North America. CODEL look forward to working closely with […]

CODEL celebrates record breaking first quarter

The sun was shining on the team from CODEL International Ltd one Friday in August with the beautiful views of Monsal Head in the back ground. The team from this Bakewell based engineering & manufacturing company were celebrating a record breaking first quarter of the financial year for orders taken and wanted to celebrate this […]

MCERT’s Approval – GCEM40 Series in-situ gas monitor

CODEL are pleased to announce that its latest generation in-situ monitor the GCEM 40 Series has recently obtained MCERT approval. Having recently been certified for TUV we are pleased to see that it has successfully passed the rugged testing of MCERT’s which signifies the accuracy and reliability of its measuring capabilities. Our development, knowledge and […]