The TunnelTech 500 Air Quality Monitor, is an essential part of any road or rail tunnel safety system. Firstly, it monitors the atmosphere within the tunnel and ensures that the tunnel
ventilation system provides sufficient clean air to protect tunnel users health and for drivers to clearly see the road ahead.

The TunnelTech 500 analyser electrochemical cell technology to determine CO, NO & NO2 concentrations. As there are no moving parts, reliability levels are very high and maintenance requirements are low.

Key Features

  • Measure CO, NO & NO2 in one compact sensor
  • Advanced electrochemical cell technology
  • Integrated display and keypad, no external computer required
  • Class leading NO2 Measurement
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Easy to calibrate

Products within the 500 series

  • TunnelTech 501 : CO · NO · NO2
  • TunnelTech 502 : CO · NO
  • TunnelTech 503 : CO
  • TunnelTech 504 : NO
  • TunnelTech 505 : NO2
  • TunnelTech 506 : CO · NO2
  • TunnelTech 507 : NO · NO2


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Gas Species Single or multi-gas measurements available: CO, NO2 & NO
Measuring units ppm for CO & NO, PPb for NO2
Calibration Automatic zero calibration – manual span check
Measurement Technique Electrochemical Cell
Measurement range (typical) CO : 0 – 300ppm , NO : 0 – 30ppm , NO2 : 0 – 5/10ppm
Construction Corrosion resistant epoxy coated aluminum housing sealed to IP66
Serial Data Bi-directional RS485 Modbus Protocol
Display 32 Character alpha-numeric back-lit LCD
Power supply 24V DC, 30 VA from seperate power supply
Lang Filetype Document Size
English TunnelTech 500 Series Datasheet 400kb

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