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EnergyTech 301

Tribo Electric Dust Monitor

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost tribo electric dust monitor using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.

Tribo-electric process CEMS Dust Monitors


The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost dust monitor using well-proven tribo electric technology providing accurate and rapid results. The EnergyTech 301 requires no critical alignment and has no optical surfaces to keep clean. The sensor is easy to install, requiring only a simple probe and is ideal for small duct sizes.

Minimal maintenance is required, infrequent probe cleaning and low installation costs make this technology extremely attractive for dust collector monitoring.

Features & Benefits

Typical Dust Monitoring Applications

Industrial Manufacturing
Power Plants
Cement Plants
Dust Collectors
Chemical Manufacturing
Mining Operations
Woodworking and Sawmills
Waste Management
Recycling Plants
Power Generation
Construction Sites

Product Specification

Operating Range0.07 to 6500mg/m3 or 0 – 100%
Particle Size0.1 to 100μm
Duct Diameter250mm to 2m
Ambient Temperature-20°C to +55°C
Power Supply48V DC supplied from Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Constructionaluminium casting, weatherproof to IP67 (NEMA 4)
Analogue Outputs4-20mA opto-isolated
Alarm Output4-20mA opto-isolated
Digital OutputsRS485 Modbus Bi-Directional

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