Large Combustion Plant Products

CODEL offer a range Gas, Dust and Flow monitors suited for all large combustion plants.

CODEL manufacture multi-channel gas analysers, both in-situ and extractive designs that can monitor CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCL, CH4 & H2O. CODEL also offers a range of large combustion specific products for monitoring dust in flue-gases, bag houses for detecting leaking bags and a CO detector to monitor CO levels in ESP's. CODEL's flow monitor can monitor gases at temperatures exceeding 1000C and the analyser requires minimal maintenance.

Small Combustion Plant Products

For Small Combustion Plants CODEL manufacture products for combustion efficiency, opacity / dust monitoring and dust collectors.

CODEL's combustion efficiency monitor is a cross-duct CO analyser and has low maintenance requirements and meets the needs of most boiler applications. For opacity and dust monitoring CODEL offer a  simple, low cost monitor that has high efficiency air purges which uses compressed air to ensure that optical surfaces are virtually free of dust or debris contamination. For dust collectors CODEL manufacture a low cost Tribo-electric monitor that directly measures mass particulate concentration by sensing the frictional charge created when particles collide with a conductor.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)

Most large coal fired plants have a flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) plant to lower SO2 levels to below emission limit levels.

CODEL manufacture a monitor to measure SO2 levels after the FGD to ensure they are below required levels and to ensure that the process is not too efficient and using too much sorbent. In addition, many plants monitor pre and post the FGD to ascertain the efficiency of the plant.

De-NOx Plants (SCR)

To monitor the NO and NO2 (NOx) pre and post the de-NOx system, CODEL manufacture an extremely effective extractive monitor where a sample is continuously extracted from the duct via a multiple-filtered probe with pre-shield and automatic reverse blow-back system. The monitor is a multi-channel gas analyser and is an industry-proven continuous emissions monitor for these difficult applications.

Dust Collectors

Most industrial processes have dust collectors of some form or other, the most popular being filter bag houses.

CODEL offers a low cost easy to install and maintain Tribo-electric monitor that directly measures mass particulate concentration by sensing the frictional charge created when particles collide with a conductor.

There is a particular problem of CO build up on Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) which can lead to an explosion in the ESP. CODEL also manufactures a Monitor for measuring CO levels in ESP’s and give an alarm when levels reach a critical point.

Fire Detection

CODEL offer fire detection products specifically developed for power stations and oil rigs.

One of the main hazards in a power station is a fire in a coal rich environment; the latter can often become an explosion with consequential damage to human life and capital equipment. For this CODEL offer a monitor that is suitable for Coal silos, Coal mills, Coal bunkers, Grinding plants, Coal bag houses & Coal conveyors.

For Oil Rigs CODEL manufacture a smoke monitor designed to operate in hazardous areas, especially in oil rig air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The electronics are contained in an explosion proof container rated as EEX de II B T5; the sensing head uses fibre optic cables to transmit the near infra-red light to a reflector where it is returned to another fibre optic cable.