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Comprehensive Emissions Monitoring Solution from CODEL International LTD

CODEL’s MCERTS Certification for the DCEM 2100 Opacity monitor, VCEM 5100 flow monitor and GCEM 40 Series Gas Analyser continues to allow for growth in the market place.


These analysers were tested by TUV Rhineland at sites operating under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive; both are certified by MCERTS and TUV under EN 15267 QAL1 for use on all EU IED processes.


The DCEM 2100 represents the latest evolution of CODEL’s world renowned Opacity monitors. The analyser has been significantly improved with new optical benches, upgraded zero and span checking system and a new electronic signal processing system.


The VCEM 5100 flow monitoring technology offers significant benefits over other types of flow measurement devices. It uses naturally occurring infra-red patterns emitted from moving flow disturbances which are measured by two passive infra-red sensors, a fixed distance apart. The stack gas velocity is calculated by measuring the time of flight of these transient events between the two sensors.


GCEM 40 Series is CODEL’s latest in-situ gas analyser which has been proving itself in the far eastern markets where it has already achieved much success. Designed for use primarily on combustion processes the analyser measures the key pollutants such as CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl, CO2 and H2O.


With the recent addition of TUV certification CODEL has introduced the 40 Series analyser into the European market at a very competitive price.


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