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GCEM40 Robust, Real-Time In-Situ Analyser – Hot-Wet Raw Gas Measurement for Forward Feed Control

Varying fuel composition in Biomass and Energy from Waste processes makes it difficult to predict the amount of sorbent feed required to effectively neutralise acid and hazardous process gas generated from partial and complete combustion.  Over-dosing means excessive use of expense sorbent material like sodium bicarbonate, whilst under-use may result in breach of emissions limits.

The measurement locations are typically before the dust removal plant, so the process gas tends to be hot and dusty.  An extractive measurement may face problems with blockages from dust and condensation of acids.  A robust in-situ analyser can avoid the problems associated with ammonium salts in extractive sample systems.

CODEL GCEM40 analyser can be configured to measure the relatively high concentrations of HCl, SO2, CO, NOx in addition to the normalising measurement of CO2, O2, Temp and Pressure.  The well-engineered design of the in-situ sample probe which houses the measurement beam allows for continuous operation in severe environments with minimal maintenance and down-time.

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CEMS Gas Stack Emission Monitors analyser

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