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The HCL, SO2 Absorption Efficiency in a Dry Scrubber Process. (RAW GAS)

Emission of acidic gases from various sources is one of the main environmental concerns. Effective cleaning processes – absorbers, are commonly used to minimise release of such gases to atmosphere.

To achieve the optimum efficiency of an absorber, precise control of the entire process is required, from fuel mixing to the measurements that provide important feedback to control.

Burning fuel in Waste to Energy plants, and Biomass plants, produces HCL and SO2 in the flue gas, which are later removed in an abatement section. The dosage of sorbent is optimised based on the actual measurement of concentrations of HCL and SO2 gases upstream to the absorber.

Additionally, on Waste to Energy plants fuel can be mixed in such a way that the combustion of it generates HCL in the flue gas, in such concentration levels that are enhancing SO2 absorption in a scrubber, resulting in higher overall efficiency of the absorber.

CODEL GCEM 40 in-situ, SO2, HCL, NO, CO, CO2, H2O, is an appreciated solution, and is gaining increased attention as a fit for purpose instrument for measurement of acidic gases upstream of the absorber. A number of Waste to Energy and Biomass plants across Europe (Finland, Germany, UK, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Czech Republic, Poland) are already using it for process control.

Key advantages that have been appreciated by customers in this application are:

  • Reliability in harsh raw gas environment
  • Low maintenance and cost of ownership
  • In-situ method measurement on wet basis
  • Representative measurement that is not prone to sample dilution or acid gases loss.
  • Combined SO2, HCL, H2O, temperature, pressure measurements in single analyser for optimum accuracy.

Recently Commissioned:

At the end of October 2022 a Codel engineer successfully commissioned another GCEM 40 SO2, HCL, H2O, CO2 on scrubber inlet application. This was in Finland in one of the many paper factories in this country, on a BFB boiler that burns mixed fuels, bark, clean recycled wood, sludge, and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel).

HCL, SO2 Absorption