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Importance of monitoring road tunnel emissions

Monitoring air quality in road tunnels is of paramount importance for several reasons

Health and Safety

Poor air quality inside road tunnels can pose serious health risks to both tunnel users and the tunnel operators. The emission of pollutants from vehicles, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. Monitoring air quality allows for early detection of elevated pollutant levels, enabling prompt actions to mitigate health risks and ensure a safe environment for road users.

Compliance with Regulations

Monitoring air quality in road tunnels helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards set by regulatory bodies. Many countries have strict guidelines on pollutant emissions, and tunnels are required to meet specific air quality standards. Continuous monitoring enables tunnel operators to identify areas where pollutant levels exceed permissible limits, leading to prompt remedial actions to meet compliance requirements.

Ventilation System Efficiency

Road tunnels are equipped with ventilation systems designed to maintain acceptable air quality levels by controlling pollutants and providing adequate ventilation. Monitoring air quality allows operators to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of ventilation systems. By analyzing data on pollutant concentrations, airflow patterns, and ventilation performance, operators can optimize ventilation strategies, ensuring efficient pollutant removal and minimizing the risk of pollutant buildup.

Incident Management

Road tunnels are susceptible to various incidents, such as vehicle fires, accidents involving hazardous materials, or equipment malfunctions, which can result in the release of toxic gases or smoke. Monitoring air quality in real-time enables early detection of abnormal pollutant levels, providing an essential tool for incident management. Timely detection can trigger appropriate emergency responses, such as activating smoke extraction systems, evacuating tunnel users, and notifying emergency services.

Environmental Impact

Road tunnels can have adverse environmental impacts if pollutant emissions are not properly managed. Monitoring air quality helps assess the environmental impact of tunnels by providing data on pollutant levels and trends. This information is crucial for identifying the sources of emissions and implementing measures to reduce environmental footprints, such as promoting cleaner vehicle technologies, optimizing traffic flow, or implementing air pollution control technologies.

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Tunnel Monitoring Products

TunnelTech 100 visibility monitors are an essential part of any road or rail tunnel safety system. Firstly, it monitors the Visibilty within the tunnel and ensures that the tunnel ventilation system
provides sufficient clean air for drivers to clearly see the road ahead.

The TunnelTech 200 Series Air Quality Monitors can continuously monitor CO, NO & visibility within road and rail tunnels. Monitoring of these vital gases ensures that the tunnel ventilation system provides sufficient clean air to protect tunnel users health and for drivers to clearly see the road ahead.

The TunnelTech 300 Series Single Point Air Flow Monitors (AFM) are CODEL’s industry proven tunnel air flow monitors that combine the reliability of ultrasonic technology and delivers superb accuracy and reliability at a very competitive price.

The TunnelTech 500/700 Series use electrochemical cell technology to determine CO, NO & NO2 concentrations within road and rail tunnels. As there are no moving parts, reliability levels are very high and maintenance requirements are low.

The TunnelTech 600 series light monitors are CODEL’s industry proven llumiance and illuminance monitors for detecting light both inside and at the entrance of the tunnel.

The TunnelTech 801 cross flow monitor has been specifically designed for road, rail and civil tunnel and ventilation shaft applications and represents the latest in compact ultrasonic sensor-head design.