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CODEL Training Centre

At CODEL’s training center, we strive to be a hub of excellence, dedicating ourselves to empowering engineers and technicians with the skills and knowledge they need to support our products and services.

The training area itself is a dedicated clean and quiet environment. Furthermore it has been purposely designed to allow Engineers and Technicians to experience exposure to supporting training materials. These are in the form of presentations, videos, and hands-on interactions with equipment and softwares.

We offer intensive courses that cover all aspects of the product portfolio. These include, but not limited to, Measurement Principles, commissioning and maintenance, and fault/repair procedure and analysis.

Tunnel Monitoring Environment

The training centre offers a replica tunnel wall housing out complete range of tunnel monitors. 

CEMS Monitoring Environment

A replica cut-out stack houses our in-situ dust, flow and gas monitors.

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