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EnergyTech 401

Cross Duct CO Analyser

Rugged & robust design developed
for easy installation and maintenance. Perfect for plant where there may be little or no technical support available


With no sampling system to maintain, CODEL cross-duct monitors are easy to install and simple to operate – vital for plant where there may be little or no technical support available.

The EnergyTech 401 analyser may be used as a complete stand alone monitor or as part of an integrated emission monitoring, logging and reporting system. The instrument is particularly suited to large/dirty processes.

The CODEL EnergyTech 401 projects an infrared beam across the duct and through the flue gas to a receiver unit. The light beam is tuned to a specific wavelength where CO molecules absorb light energy. The more molecules there are in the light beam the greater the absorption. The wavelength is chosen specifically to ensure that
there is no interference from other gases or water vapour.

To isolate the interference for dust particles the EnergyTech 401 also uses the principle of Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) where a live and reference measurement are generated in the receiver. The live measurement is sensitive to changes in energy caused by CO or dust. The reference channel is de-sensitised to CO using a high concentration gas cell. The difference between the live and reference channels is, therefore, a function of CO concentration.

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      EnergyTech 401 Specification

      Operating PrincipleInfrared Gas Filter Correlation
      Range0 to 6000ppm.m
      Accuracy+/-2% of measurement or +/-5ppm whichever is the greater
      Path Length0.5 to 8m
      Ambient Temperature-20 to +70°C
      ConstructionCast aluminium, fully sealed to IP65
      Power 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 50VA (variations of +/-20%)
      Analogue Outputs0/4-20mA isolated, 500Ω
      Relay Outputsvolt-free contact, 250V/10A
      Data Valid Outputvolt-free contact, 250V/10A

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