The early detection of coal fires in coal handling systems on coal fired power stations is essential to prevent catastrophic damage to expensive plant and serious injury to personnel. The most
reliable and accurate method of detecting coal fires or smouldering is to monitor the carbon monoxide levels within the coal handling plant areas such as silos and mills and to detect rapid increases in concentration.

The CODEL EnergyTech 202 samples the gas from the critical area through a steel sintered filter mounted in the wall of the chamber. This removes the need for intrusive sampling probes which are prone to wear and are expensive to replace.

Key features
  • Minimal maintenance requirements – No consumables and low cost of ownership
  • Rapid, accurate results – for safe operation of coal handling systems
  • Analogue & contact outputs – communication to DCS and SCADA systems
  • Compact powerful diaphragm pump for constant reliable sampling
  • Automated self cleaning filter design & blockage check
  • Temperature controlled Measurement Cell for maximum accuracy and long life
  • Automated back-flushing of probe filter & sample flow rate check
Typical Applications
  • Coal Silos
  • Coal Mills
  • Coal Bunkers
  • Grinding Plants
  • Coal Bag Houses
  • Coal Conveyers
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Operating Principle Infrared Absorption
Gas Species Carbon Monoxide (CO) Oxygen (O2)
Measuring units ppm
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Power supply 110 – 240V AC 500VA
Construction RAL7035 Structure powder coated mild steel sealed to IP66
Analogue outputs 2 x 4-20mA current outputs as standard, isolated, 500Ω load max, fully configurable
from keypad (additional outputs available, see optional items below)
Contact Outputs 1 x volt-free SPCO contact, 50V, 1A max, for data valid signal)
Serial Data RS485 port for Codel diagnostic use
Display 32 Character alpha-numeric back-lit LCD)

Current documentation available

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English EnergyTech 202 Datasheet 2mb
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