The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost dust monitor using well-proven tribo-electric technology providing accurate and rapid results. The EnergyTech 301 requires no critical alignment and
has no optical surfaces to keep clean. The sensor is easy to install, requiring only a simple probe and is ideal for small duct sizes.

Minimal maintenance is required, infrequent probe cleaning and low installation costs make this technology extremely attractive for dust collector monitoring.

Key features
  • Direct sensing method; actual particulate concentration
  • Automated Online zero and span checking facility
  • Integrated calibration function for mg/m3 output
  • Easy installation with minimal maintenance required
  • Adaptable; suitable for virtually all dust collectors
  • Wide range of duct sizes from 250mm to 2m
Typical Applications

The EnergyTech 301 a suitable sensor for a wide range of applications where a dust measurement is required.

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Operating Range 0.07 to 6500mg/m3 or 0 – 100%
Particle Size 0.1 to 100μm
Duct Diameter 250mm to 2m
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Power supply 48V DC supplied from Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Construction aluminium casting, weatherproof to IP67 (NEMA 4)
Analogue outputs 4-20mA opto-isolated
Alarm output alarm relay 2.5A @ 24V
Digital Outputs RS485 Modbus Bi-Directional
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