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What are the Challenges in Raw Gas Measurement?

Any measurement location is unique! Here at CODEL we treat each point as an individual location, as even to relocate just one meter downstream can change the process parameters sufficiently to require a different solution.


In order to select a solution for a particular measuring point we need to know all the system parameters for that point. Only then can you start to consider the choice of equipment best suited to make the required measurement.


At CODEL we have experts in measuring technologies for a very wide variety of processes and industries which can be best matched to the different analysers available. Not only that but we have vast experience in matching sample handling systems to analysers in many processes.


So, to ask the question about ‘Raw’ gas measurement is meaningless without knowing all the process parameters. To specify a system without all the details is high risk as the solution may not work reliably when installed. 


All the appropriate questions need to be asked at the beginning in order to ensure the most reliable solution is installed.


There are solutions available which can measure gasses up to very large values: (Temperature 1800 ֯C, Dust +500 g/Nm3, Tar 25 g/Nm3).


If you would like more information, please request a copy of our data collecting form QA15, including the components to be measured, so that our internal team can identify the right solution for your process.



Raw Gas Measurement



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