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The all NEW TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor

With over 30 years’ experience in the tunnelling market, CODEL are excited to have recently launched the 6th generation single point flow monitor utilising the very latest ultrasonic technology.

CODEL’s tunnel monitoring products simplify the challenge of sourcing, installing and maintaining a highly accurate and reliable tunnel monitoring solution.

The TunnelTech 305 offers low cost precision road & rail tunnel monitoring using well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results.

The TunnelTech 305 not only monitors the air flow measurement inside the tunnel it also monitors the direction of the air flow and temperature. This ensures that the tunnel ventilation system provides enough clean air to protect the health of tunnel users as well as enabling drivers to clearly see the road ahead.

The air flow monitor uses dual path ultrasonic technology to ensure high accuracy over a wide measurement range and, with no moving parts, results in extremely high reliability levels and very low maintenance requirements.

Features and benefits include:

  • Single point ultrasonic measurement technology
  • Uninterrupted by traffic flow and sound reflections
  • No moving components providing maintenance free operation
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Integral temperature measurement

TunnelTech 305 designed exclusively for road and rail tunnel applications builds on years of experience and proven technology.

Fully configurable analogue and alarm outputs are provided with an RS485 link that can be utilised to deliver data via MODMUS protocol to a SCADA system located in the tunnel control centre.

With air flow monitors in over 650 tunnels worldwide, the TunnelTech 305 is the latest in advanced air flow monitoring developed to provide superb accuracy and reliability at a very competitive price.

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