CODEL’s EnergyTech 200 series offers an effective solution for early detection of high CO levels in coal handling systems and silos.

The system samples the gas from the critical area through a steel sintered filter mounted in the wall of the chamber removing the need for intrusive sampling probes which prone to wear and expensive to replace.

The filter is back flushed with compressed air at regular intervals to ensure an uninterrupted flow of sample gas and to minimise maintenance.

Delivering highly accurate monitoring with real time results the EnergyTech 200 series boasts a compact and robust design at an affordable price making it an ideal monitoring solution for both coal mills and silos.

The EnergyTech 200 Series comes with a range of benefits including:

Pre-ignition monitoring of CO in coal mills and silos reducing the occurrence of fires and explosions on site.

Extends recessed sample probe filter life by providing a self-cleaning action that includes automatic backflushing.

Highly sensitive detection of CO concentrations of less than 1ppm.

Measurement techniques available in both Electrochemical cell and Infra-Red

Low measurement cell volumes deliver a fast response.

Simple, reliable and low maintenance to give high availability

Both Analogue and RS485 output for constant and recorded measure values.

Simple to install, commission clean and maintain.

Single box solution c/w built in display and automatic self-calibration.

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