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EnergyTech Range

The EnergyTech range is a series of gas and particulate analysers focused on power generation process, safety and efficiency. The EnergyTech 101 is a low cost optical dust/smoke monitor, the 301 is a new tribo-electric dust monitor that can be used in indicative and calibrated modes.


The EnergyTech 200 series is a new range of mill, silo and other combustion process monitors suited for coal conveyors, coal mills, coal silos, coal bunkers. This analyser has both Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen measurement capability. The key innovation on this analyser is a new extractive system that removes the need for intrusive probes which are eroded by abrasive coal dust and need changing on a regular basis. This unique, proven solution from CODEL International will dramatically reduce the cost and downtime of the plant.


CODEL offer a full range of emissions and process monitors for a wide range of industrial applications.


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