Continuous Dust Monitor

Various instruments are available using different technologies to continuously monitor the emissions from a stack. Some instruments are sensitive enough to detect pin-hole leaks and have an alarm contact to activate an annunciator or a flashing alarm light at a set-point, when leaks occur. Other advanced instruments also have an output to a data logging device, enabling the operator to record emissions. Carefully utilised, this facility will predict leaking bags, enabling the operator to react and prevent critical plant shutdowns.

Some of these instruments react very quickly to changes in dust level and are unaffected by changes in the collector such as differential pressure. The other key feature of these instruments is the extreme sensitivities they can achieve (dependent on the technology) and their wide operating range. For example, the EnergyTech 301 from CODEL can detect levels between 0 and 6500mg/m³ and detect particles as small as 0.1 micron. The technology chosen will depend on the specific legislative requirement and the application conditions. There is no universal solution for all situations.

In the United Kingdom, as in other countries throughout the world, regulators are calling for dust monitors to help reduce harmful emission to atmosphere. Continuous dust monitors are recognised as the only reliable, sensitive and accurate means of monitoring the performance of dust collectors.

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EnergyTech 301